Meet Our Team

     (Passionate and disciplined team with big ideas.)

Siddharth Nageshkar, 24
National / State Level Player

Siddharth started playing professionally at the age of 16. He has represented Mumbai Suburban District and Mumbai University at various levels for the past 4 years. His interest in coaching began after taking various summer camps, which motivated him to start Shuttle Passion Badminton Academy as a full-time coach.

Pooja Devlekar, 20
International / National Level Player

Dominating on badminton court has always been Pooja's specialty. She started playing professionally at the young age of U10 category and has represented Maharashtra state at junior/senior levels. She has also been the Former India No. 1 in U15 category and plays at various international levels.

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Swadip urankar, 25
State/ District Level Player

Swadip is competeing in  various tournaments of district, state and all india level for experience .
He has trained under various coaches In Mumbai, thane and in Hyderabad as well .
He has been experienced as fitness trainer and a coach in Hyderabad for a year. He has a background in health and fitness as well as athletic performance training over past 2 years. His passion for fitness began through his love of sports and developed as a varsity athlete in badminton. His approach to fitness emphasizes age-appropriate programming with a specific focus given to cardiovascular and strength training in combination with balance and flexibility training.