Eyestrain from digital classes a major health concern for students

Doctors are reporting many cases of eyestrain among children after online classes started in the state. “Cases are definitely rising and some are even detected with computer vision syndrome, blurring of vision, dry eyes, and headache. Most of the time, we find kids keeping the gadgets close to their eyes. This is bad for their eye muscles and when they put excessive effort, it causes eyestrain which is harmful for longer period of time!

So keep calm & relax. Shuttlepassion has got some Tips & Exercises for you from reliving eye strain! 

1. Dont use a digital device for to long. Take frequent breaks.  2. Follow the 20-20-20 rule. (20 min of digital use - 20 feet away -20 sec break)

3. Adjust screen position.  (Adjust screen height & length accordingly; atleast one arm distance . Place the screen slightly downward's direction at 30° degree. ) 4. Wash your eyes . (Wash your eyes  with cold water at regular   intervals.) 5. Eat foods rich in vitamins  (Foods like papaya, egg, fish, milk, green leafy vegetables.) 6. Increase your water intake. (Research says a average human body should intake atleast 3 litres of water every day) 7. Put oil on hair (Put oil with some Champi massage atleast once in a week . Specially massage forehead and temple(both side portions of your head)

8. Rotational exercises

(Rotate eyes at given direction slowly while keeping your eyes open/

Front,Down,Left,Right,Circle clockwise, Circle Anticlockwise) 9. Cupping

(Rub your palms untill it gets warm (approx 30 sec), then cover it over your eyes & exhale

Do this 10 times before you go to bed)

10. Take a short nap to reduce the puffiness in the eyes.






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